Do You Wear a Uniform for Work?

Uniform Tax Rebate
from HMR&C

Are you eligible for

Uniform Tax Rebate

If you wear a uniform or protective clothing for work and are responsible for the maintenance for that uniform (without any help from your employer) then you may be eligible for a Uniform Tax Refund, from HMRC.


We can also help you claim for:-

  • Washing of your Uniform
  • Cost of Purchasing the Uniform
  • Cost of Purchasing Shoes and Socks as part of the uniform
  • Specialist Equipment needed as part of your job (like Chef Knives)
  • Professional Subscriptions and Memberships (needed as part of your job, like Police federation membership)
  • Mileage Allowance, if you use your own car for business (certain healthcare professionals may be specifically eligible)

Health Care Workers

HealthCare Worker Tax Rebate

Being a Healthcare worker you know that you don’t just have to look after your uniform. There are additional costs such as purchasing Socks or tights, buying approved shoes, taking appropriate professional memberships and even mileage allowance. All of these costs add up. We can help you get the most Health Care Worker Tax Rebate.

Police Officers

Uniform Tax refund for Police Officers

Most Police officers don.t know that they are eligible for some of the highest rebates allowance set by HMRC. Not only are they able to claim allowance for taking care of thier uniform, they are also able to claim for other expenses such as Police Federation membership costs. Find our more at our Police Officer Uniform Tax Refund page.


Fireman Tax Rebate

As a Fireman you know that the cost of maintaining your uniform is high. Along with professional memberships this costs can add up to hundreds of pounds a year. We make sure that we claim as much Fireman Uniform Refund on your behalf.


Cleaners Tax Rebate

Almost 95% of cleaners who have come to us are not being paid any expenses for cleaning. Most incur extra costs such as adequate shoes, and other accessories. All of which we can help reclaim back from HMRC, to make sure you get the biggest Cleaners Tax Rebate possible.

How Much Money Will You Get?

The amount of money on which you’re able to claim tax relief will depend on your specific industry. Some jobs always have more specific limits. In most cases, this has some relation with specialist work clothings. Such uniform tax rebate have a maximum allowance of 165 GBP. In such a situation, a higher rate taxpayer is able to get back 66 GBP for every year they claim on. Once you fill in our simple form we will be able to find out what rebate you will be eligible for.

The basic allowance for spending money on work wear maintenance is 60 GBP. According to this data, basic rate taxpayers can claim 12 GBP back per year. This is 20% of the money spent.

Similarly, higher rate taxpayers can claim 24 GBP back. This is 40% of the total amount. Since 60 GBP is a flat rate, you don’t have to report and record the individual amounts you spent on laundering or washing your uniform.

Most people seeking rebate are able to claim the money spent in the last four years, and the current year. However, in order to receive this tax rebate, you should have been wearing the uniform during this period.

In simple terms, a basic rate taxpayer who’s claiming standard uniform allowance for the previous 4 years and the current year can reclaim 60 GBP in total. Once a person registers, he’s taxed lessens in future too.

It is worth mentioning that the only way to get more uniform tax rebate than the basic payment is to prove that the annual uniform laundry bill is much higher. You need to consult our specialist team.

Claiming Uniform Tax Rebate for the First Time

In order to make a claim, you just need your National Insurance Number along with details of past and current employment. There are also some other things you need to know about making a claim to benefit from uniform tax.

Once we have received your application a member of our team will manually go through it to make sure that we are able to claim as much as possible. We will then send you the completed form, along with a prepaid envelope for you to sign and send back. Once we receive the form we will then check it again to make sure its all correct and then send it off to HMRC.

HMRC will then contact you between 8 to 12 weeks and inform you of the rebate amount, if one is due. This rebate is paid to us, and we will then send you either a cheque or BACS of your rebate minus our fees (15% or £35 minimum) Please note we deduct our charges from the rebate. If you don’t get a rebate we will not take any charges.

Our rebates process is simple and we are always an email away. We make sure that you get the biggest rebate possible and usually our customers get several hundred pounds of rebate.

We proud to charge the least amount for reclaiming your money from HMRC, we DO NOT have any hidden charges or pass your details to a Third Party.